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Is your home arranged for easy living? Is it neat and inviting to visitors? How do some people manage to keep their homes so organized?  The secret is having A Place for Everything®! If you have a designated “home” for every item, maintaining order is easy, fast and less stressful. Let our home organizing specialists help you declutter and organize your spaces.

Is your calendar crammed with to-do items that you don’t really want or need to do?  Let A Place for Everything’s organizers help you declutter all aspects of your life so you can return to living the life you want to lead.

Master Bedroom

Is your bedroom an oasis of calm, a place where you can rest and get a good night of sleep?  If not, let us help you remove the items that are standing in the way of peace and calm.  Is your closet overflowing with clothes that don’t fit, or that went out of style years ago?  Let’s go through and keep the items you love, so that getting dressed in the morning is invigorating and joyful!

Kitchen and Pantry

The hub of the home, where family and friends meet, greet and nourish themselves. Does your kitchen feel comfortable, cheerful, organized and friendly? If not then now is the time to sort, purge and reorganize your kitchen so that you can create healthy and delicious meals.

Home Office

A messy desk is the sign of a creative mind. Many of us have heard the old saying, but experts agree: that same desk may signal being overwhelmed and a life out-of-control. Let us help you sort through your piles of paperwork, make a filing system that works for you and regain control of your office so you can be more productive and efficient and less distracted.

Are you starting a new business? Let us assist you in transferring the long list of “to-do” items in your head to an actionable list that will move you forward faster.

Garage and Basement

Is your garage shrinking from a 2-car to less than a 1-car space?  Is your basement a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home? If so have A Place for Everything® help you organize your garage or basement into a space that is usable and easily accessible.

Laundry Room

Do you have trouble keeping up with laundry? There are so many parts to the process – gathering, washing, drying, and the dreaded folding and putting away.  Let us brainstorm with you to make a system that works for you and your family.

Personal Assistance

Many of our clients are too busy to manage every part of their lives without tremendous stress.  Let us take some of the pressure off you by shopping, running errands, receiving deliveries or being there for home repairs or maintenance personnel.  Many of our clients say, “I feel like I need a second “me!”

Finding A Place for Everything

You will be amazed at how fun and fast the decluttering and organizing process can be when you have the right kind of help.  We can assist you with making decisions about what to let go and what to keep.  We can help you figure out what to do with years of accumulated stuff.

And what about the items that need to leave your home?  We can help you arrange for removal of unwanted items. We have resources for you, whether you need to sell items, donate them or have them hauled away.

After the decluttering is done and we can clearly see what’s staying, then comes the fun part – helping you to find a place for everything!  We can make recommendations for storage and organizing solutions and we’ll even do the shopping for you!